Aydian is available for Speaking in WINTER of 2017!

“Aydian Dowling was a breath of fresh air for the campus community here at Carnegie Mellon. So many of our students struggle to find community and make connections around their identities and to have Aydian speak on campus about his truth, story and experiences was what our students needed. In a culture where visibility for Trans individuals is on the rise, there is still much fear that is instilled into our communities, discouraging folks from being who they truly are. I’m grateful for Aydian and his skills and ability to talk authentically about…life. He has opened the door for dialogue on our campus and has helped us build community among other student populations in the Pittburgh area that don’t have the opportunities to bring speakers like Aydian to their campuses. There is much work to be done and I’m proud to see there are others out there doing the work as well. We are not alone.”

–Coordinator of LGBTQ+ Resources at Carnegie Mellon University



Aydian Travels the USA, (and the world) to speak on many issues including his most popular speech entitled “My Journey To Authenticity” where he draws from his experience as a Transgender male, and his own struggles with his acceptance of his identity. Aydian also has presented on “Emotionally Transitioning”, “My Journey to Mens Health”, as well as “Entrepreneur Life” where he speaks to business and corporations about his Entrepreneurial spirit and company, Point5cc and the trials of being Transgender in the business world.


Aydian also travels with his wife, Jenilee Dowling (ReadingsbyJenilee.com) discussing “The Transitioning Relationship” which goes over tips and techniques on how to keep relationships of all kinds, blossoming during the hard times of transition. Aydian has spoken at many colleges including, Seattle University, Carnegie Mellon University, North Dakota State University, Montana State University, University of Oregon and many others! He also has given keynote speeches for Pride Houston Organizations annual Gala, Transgender Day of Remembrance Keynotes in Long Island, NY and also in Eugene, OR.


As the Assistant Director of the Gender Resource Center at Idaho State University (ISU), I reached out to Aydian Dowling to come speak at our campus.  Aydian captivated a full house with an inspiring and uplifting presentation.  The energy in the room was so positive, a line formed out of the door to meet Aydian.  His story of transforming negatives into positives and advocacy are triumphs and affected many in attendance. Aydian is an amazing and gifted speaker. This event was one of the best that the Gender Resource Center has had the honor to host!

Stephanie Richardson, Assistant Director


“Aydian was the opening keynote speaker for Seattle University’s 2016 campus wide Wellness Challenge. His inspirational story served as the perfect touchstone for a challenge that focuses on holistic wellness. The honest, personal, and vulnerable nature of his talk made this large scale event feel like an intimate conversation. The audience left inspired to consider how they too can use their personal journey to make the world a better place. Aydian was gracious with his time throughout his visit, speaking with students individually, taking photos, and leaving people feeling heard and seen. I can’t say enough wonderful things about Aydian.”
-Ryan Hamachek, Director of Wellness and Health Promotion, Seattle University

“Aydian was a spectacular keynote speaker at the 2016 Reaching Out LGBT MBA Conference.  He presented himself as the perfect role model for those attendees seeking to live and work authentically and truly spelled out how the generation of current students can make that easier for those who come after them.  What made it even more special was that he truly tailored his message for our specific audience to make it accessible, relevant and inspirational. “

-Matt Kidd, Executive Director at Reaching Out MBA

“Aydian was a fantastic and engaging speaker. I really enjoyed hearing his story about transitioning and all the other aspects of his life. He made his presentation informative but also uplifting and inspiring. He also made everyone feel welcome and a part of the conversation. I would highly recommend Aydian to speak at any university, high school or even middle school, especially ones that are trying to create more resources for transgender people.”

Carnegie Mellon University Student

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