Aydian has been using fitness since 2009, when he was Pre-Hormones, to begin his journey to confidence, health, and self love. Through fitness Aydian discovered that when he changed his way of thinking, his body soon followed.

“Once I decided to officially stop giving up on myself day after day, and choose to make my life worth it. Once I decided I was worth it- Everything changed.”- Aydian 

Since Aydian began training he started the FIRST Trans* YouTube Channel BeefHeads Fitness which ran for 5 years featuring all different Trans* experiences. Currently Aydian updates his training techniques and lifestyle via his personal YouTube Channel and has since re-branded BeefHeads Fitness to be a part of Point5cc.com.

Now you can train daily with Aydian in the palm of your hands with the Trans*form Fitness App!

Let Aydian join you on your goals to success and hire him as your Coach, today!


  • A customized workout plan tailored to your goals and weak spots
  • Daily Check in through the APP
  • Help recognizing your relationship with food, and tips on how to improve
  • Help figuring out what drives you to get healthy, and change your life
  • Discuss dietary food intake; benefits to whole foods, save money by food shopping, How to navigate food preparation


Screen Shot 2016-01-17 at 7.26.41 PM




30 Day Training– $99








Don’t want to sign up for Online Coaching?  Try an Online Consultation! Consultations are $60 for 60 minutes. Aydian will be One-On-One with you and  go over everything from your daily meal plan & weekly workout routine to ways to staying motivated a focused on your goals! Aydian wll work with you to customize your steps to success!

* Please fill out the form below and you will be E-mailed a link for payment, directions on how to download the App, and questionnaire to get YOU started!



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